Just doing a little bit of market research on myself. Never you mind.
  1. Tall, hair, wit, pretty, folksy sayings, incisive commentary, murderous threats with weak follow through, strong sleeping ability
  2. thoughtful wit + lots of bite
  3. Fighting the patriarchy, excellent writing skills, politeness, Outlander activism
  4. Eyebrows, Russian, high waist lines, historical women, ex Mormon, musical numbers, story weaver. Oh. And. Race consciousness, comedy
  5. Red lipstick, lunching with moms, Internet boyfriend, tall, dry humor
  6. Height. Leather jackets.
  7. Feminism, having no chill
  8. Rocking patterns like a boss, snarky AF
  9. "Socially Conscious Self Deprecation". Like, you're definitely not *too* surreal (like 'weird twitter'), I feel like most of your #content is based in reality, albeit a warped reality at times.
  10. Pedantic snark (in a good way), intersectional feminism as applied to TV/pop-culture, literary/fine art references, strong personal POV informed by your background. And politics. And dog hatred.
  11. Dry wit, vintage inspired fashions, hair
    @ my friend Ellen who's not on ListApp
  12. whimsical, sharp-tongued, big heart, those headscarf things, cats (and hating dogs), historical fiction (esp like witches and Thomas Jefferson), ovala, funny relationship to Mormonism, funny resentment of your own height, funny stories about online dates, best friend!
    @ my friend Teddy
  13. An air of assertive, rosie-the-riveter-style independence combined with joyous, one-step-ahead-of-you pop culture acumen
    @ my friend Justin
  14. Refinement. Intellectuality. A seamless confidence
    @sophiack 's boyfriend and my friend Victor
  15. Wordiness and drive
    @ my friend John
  16. Snobbishness. Intellectualism. Witticism. Smelliness.
    My brother @themissing_linc
  17. Witty, brave, smart, hilarious, KIND, angelic, zero chill in a beautiful way, will do shots of Korean black raspberry wine if provoked, cuts my pork with scissors