More Gilmore? Gurllll. Super cool party people bid you super cool Âllo!
  1. Luke and Lorelai are happily reunited. They mutually encourage April to join a scientific team on a research expedition to Antarctica, where she remains forever, praise be.
  2. Rory "Eternal Sunshine"s everything about her relationship with Dean. He moves away from Stars Hollow and fades into welcome obscurity. His little sister Clara grows up to become the new town troubadour.
  3. A few years after the affair, Rory and Lindsay, Dean's ex-wife, run into each other at the town "You Don't Know Jack"-o-lantern festival. They both put black wigs on white pumpkins and call them Jack White. Suddenly realizing how much they have in common, they become close friends and bond over how little they remember of Dean even when they try.
  4. Lane and Zack are amicably divorced. After a few aimless years together, they realize they were never meant to be and go their separate ways. Lane and her twins move to Sweden (artfully staged on the WB lot) where she gets heavily involved in the indie music scene and collaborates with Robyn. Zack becomes a manager at In N Out.
  5. Rory realizes hard journalism has never been her forte and instead becomes a regular contributor to The New Yorker etc. She hasn't thought about Logan in years.
  6. Paris is the youngest senatorial candidate in Connecticut history. She maintains an open relationship with Doyle, who manages her campaign and organizes her schedule. Terrence remains her life coach throughout.
  7. Babette and Ms. Patty start a community theater company. They perform original musical productions, written by and starring Kirk. Most recently they performed an operatic stage adaptation of The Shining. Andrew played the bear.
  8. Rory and Jess run into each other every so often in New York City. They become on-again-off-again lovers, reconnecting every so often for a torrid weekend affair, but never manage to get on the same page enough to commit to a serious relationship.
  9. Sookie creates a popular cooking vlog and becomes a star on vine. She enjoys wild success and lives happily ever after, as well she should, because she is a delight.
  10. Emily survives Richard and afterward exclusively has relationships with women, which she boozily refers to as "New Haven" marriages, Boston's more sophisticated older sister.
  11. Brad is named new headmaster at Chilton.