1. Apparently there's a secret folder of filtered messages on Facebook's messenger app.
    @sophiack told me
  2. If you tap Settings, then People, then Filtered Messages, you can see them.
  3. Last night when I checked mine, I found this:
  4. Static
  5. Static
  6. Static
  7. My tweet was published on NBC News last year! I had no idea!
  8. I am famous!
  9. I have a hater!
    She clearly didn't read the article she screenshot to send to me bc it pretty clearly says that those tweets were parodying the sexist article?? But either way, now you guys know me for how cruel I am. I've fucked myself!
  10. Wheeeee!!!!!
  11. Pls follow me on Twitter @heysoulclassicz for more idiot tweets!
  12. 💋💋💋
    Kisses for my public