...which no straight man has ever said, to my knowledge.
  1. "I could be wrong, but..."
  2. "Thanks for the book rec, but I'm actually only reading stuff written by women this month."
  3. "Wow, that sounds really tough. I'm sorry that's happening to you. I know you'll figure it out."
  4. "You know, I want to like Game of Thrones, but I find their treatment of women VERY troubling. My love of dragons cannot outweigh my disgust at seeing women portrayed as little more than sex furniture."
  5. "You're totally right, and I have nothing to add."
  6. I always enjoy the itineraries and restaurants you pick, every time. This tea sipping cat cafe is totally up our collective alley
    Because he hasn't already got in your pants
    Suggested by   @teardropivy
  7. I love this artists' beats but I think his lyrics are kinda misogynist. What do you think?
    Suggested by   @zabsters
  8. Your plan sounds great. I trust your judgement.
    Suggested by   @DG