In response to/inspired by a list by @elleh
  1. Mormonism is NOT a cult.
  2. Mormonism is no more a cult than any other religion.
  3. Like any other religion, it does a lot of good, but it also does its fair share of harm.
  4. The church has upsetting, harmful policies on gay marriage, children of gay marriages, the role of women, gender identity, gender roles, etc etc. It has a history of labeling controversial policies "God's will" until the tides of time and public opinion shift enough to change them (see: polygamy, the priesthood ban for black men).
  5. But calling Mormonism a cult emphasizes the difference between it and the mainstream and then blames all its problems on that difference. It's a scapegoating technique. Mormonism's biggest problems are problems reflected in society at large: a deeply patriarchal culture and dogmatic resistance to alternative thinking.
  6. I respect the opinions of others, like @elleh , who have left the Mormon church. I respect their pain and their struggle. I understand the scars you get when you cut ties with the religion of your parents and family, when you leave behind the expectations and hopes of the people who love you most in exchange for a shot at your own truth.
  7. I have those scars. I cope with them every day.
  8. What I do NOT respect is a platform that would request and disseminate a list mocking and demonizing an entire religion. I do NOT respect a platform that on one hand claims inclusivity and diversity while on the other hand elevating opinions that shame and dismiss people for their beliefs.
  9. The majority of Mormons are good-hearted, kind, loving people who work hard and love to serve others. They are raised to try their hardest and stand up for their beliefs. They are encouraged to get as much education as possible. They are not, as many would have you believe, brainwashed sheep.
  10. Do what you must to stay sane in the face of life. Be bitter or be forgiving. Go to church or don't. But don't make fun of someone else for what keeps them going.
  11. It doesn't make you cool.