I dedicate this list to @boygirlparty , who wanted more nanny content.
  1. Yesterday a child pointed at me and yelled, "WHAT IS THAT?"
    I'm a human being, and I bleed red, just like you, kid. PLEASE RESPEVT ME.
  2. One time I forgot to eat lunch so I ate a leftover chicken nugget out of one of the boys' lunch bags. Later he told me he didn't eat it bc he dropped it on the ground. 💁🏽
  3. I regularly laugh when the boys replace the words of popular music with the word "fart".
    🎶 you used to fart me on my fart phone 🎶
  4. Once I was reading them a book of fairy tales that I realized part-way in was not even subtly misogynistic, and I kept having to stop to say, "Okay but this is not cool, and you can't treat women this way bc women are people."