Sometimes my job is very easy and fun, and I spend my days eating Nutella with children and playing basketball. Other times this kind of thing happens.
  1. This afternoon, one of the boys that I watch brought over a paper fortune teller he made and wanted to tell me my fortune.
    I live for these. I used to make them all the time as a kid.
  2. He wrote both good and bad fortunes inside, and he informed that I was lucky to get what I got.
    "You will do whatever you want."
  3. Then he opened it up to show me how bad the others were.
  4. This was written inside.
    The other bad fortune was "You will die yung [sic]."
  5. Doesn't it just break your heart to see casual homophobia reflected in the handwriting of an innocent little kid?
  6. These aren't mean children. They're not bullies. They're not intentionally hurtful. And they don't have bigoted parents.
  7. But for whatever reason they've already absorbed the idea that being gay makes you inferior. That it's a fate as terrible as death.
  8. So today I get to sit down with two little children and look prejudice in the eye.
  9. Sometimes this job is hard.