It's not Thanksgiving until an uncle starts spewing toxic verbal diarrhea. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Sadly, I didn't make any of these up. Count your blessings!
  1. (Lecturing about the Romans for some reason?) "Their taxes actually weren't that bad. Especially not compared to what we pay today!"
  2. "My least favorite of these so-called actors? Ben Affleck! He doesn't have an ounce of skill as an actor. The man CANNOT. ACT."
  3. (About Maggie Gyllenhaal) "Super ugly ASS FACED woman! She looks like a Bassett hound! And we're supposed to believe both Batman and Two-Face are in love with her?? I was rooting for the Joker to kill her! Put her out of my misery!!"
  4. (About Kirsten Dunst) "I can't stand her! She's a terrible actor! And she's not even good-looking! Why is she in movies?"
  5. (About a woman whose ex-husband came out as gay and who now dates hyper masculine truck-loving men) "She finally figured out the difference between men and women! It only took her 30 years!"
  6. "Real men like girls who act like girls. That's what real men like. That's what they're attracted to. You dress like a truck-driver, you'll never get a man!"
  7. (Describing gay and/or effeminate men) "Pseudo-men!"
  8. "Girls cannot be trusted to look out for themselves as teenage girls."
  9. (about my teenage niece) "Keep her locked up until she's 21"
  10. "I'm not afraid to speak the truth. Christ was punished for speaking the truth too."