@ohwowawesome thank you for this request. This list was really hard for me to write tbh bc I am very self-critical, but I appreciate everyone's kind words yesterday, so I feel I shouldn't cop out or be self-pitying.
  1. I went to Stanford! And I graduated despite an emotionally harrowing senior year, during which I spent every other day in tears.
  2. Last year I moved to Los Angeles with my entire life packed in the back of my car to follow a dream. I'm as adventurous and optimistic as I am foolhardy.
  3. I have a good relationship with my siblings and with my parents, usually. I have a solid group of friends.
  4. I am loving and generally softhearted. I am forgiving. I'm a person who tries to understand before finding fault.
  5. I am not an excellent communicator, but I at least try not to be rude. I don't think I've ever been intentionally harmful.
  6. I can't pretend to be anything but myself, even though sometimes I wish I could.
  7. I'm nice.