I went to a dinner party at Soph's on Friday thinking it was just a nice dinner to send her little sister @isabelck back to school. Little did I know that it was actuallyyy a surprise bday party for ME! // thanks @mirthnuts for the request! Wish you could have come!
  1. Let me preface this by saying: I am the perfect person for surprise parties. I am the ideal combination of trusting and suggestible. When we were college roommates, @sophiack used to keep a secret box of gifts, often for me, and told me not to look. I never did. So when she texted me 5 times to look especially nice for dinner, I did not question.
    You might also call this "younger child syndrome." For better or worse, I'm pretty obedient.
  2. I actually
  3. Didn't take
  4. That many pictures...
  5. But many of the best girls (and some of their bfs) were in attendance:
  6. Whose BF made the aforementioned delicious tartlets and many other gourmet snacks. Sophie organized and threw the whole party. She is like the platonic ideal of a Best Friend: thoughtful, smart, kind, funny, encouraging, a little mean when you need it. 10/10 would recommend.
  7. K8 brings just the right mixture of devil-may-care confidence and sardonic wit to a party. Her lip color this night was a lovely rich berry, and to say that it was EN POINTE would be a fancy understatement. It really is a shame I didn't take photos. I apologize.
  8. Drugs arrived, as you might expect, in a gorgeous flowing ensemble that Michael Kors might describe as "chic curtains" but I mean that as a compliment. Her laugh is like bells, and her presence is like a warm sea breeze.
  9. No party is complete without April. She is basically the woman I have always aspired to be: a popular mean girl who dishes out burns like candy, and everyone still loves her. This night she told Sophie her singing voice sounded like Verne Troyer. It was incredible. It really was.
  10. Marie is what you get when you cross a cool blue-haired fairy with a writerly eccentric. She blew through like a refreshing gust of wind, followed at a comfortable distance by her shy tumbleweed of a boyfriend. Again, I mean that as a good thing.
  11. Jellybean is as sweet as she is funny. And that's saying something! She is the newest addition to this particular girl group, but she already fits in perfectly and we're so glad she's here 😭.
  12. Isabel is the little sister I never had. She's the best.
  13. Other stray memories:
  14. All my friends are Demi Lovato stans
  15. Chocolate cake w/ Nutella-frosting
  16. I walked in, everyone said "SURPRISE" and I went, "...what? ...didn't we already do this?" and Kate went, "NO WE DIDN'T."
    Bc I had dinner at Sophie's on my actual birthday. It was confusing.
  17. I made us redo my entrance so I could be properly surprised and not just confused.
  18. Soph made me a personalized bday snapchat filter!
  19. ANYWAY. My friends are the best! 25 is excellent! Thanks everybody!