A response to yesterday. Idk hate on me if you want.
  1. First off, some background:
  2. A week ago, I was added to the recommended list. I was pleasantly surprised! Thrilled, really!
    I gained several thousand followers v fast bc of all the publicity and expansion to include android users. (Welcome y'all!)
  3. I had justtt been joking with some friends about how I wished they would add me. Then, LITERAL MOMENTS LATER, I was added, and I thought, "I did this. I willed this into existence. I did this with my god mind."
    I know several other people on the recommended list personally. We high-fived over it.
  4. Two days ago, I posted a list satirizing modern-day white colonization after seeing an example of cultural appropriation and silencing of a POC lister in our community. These issues are v important to me as a WOC and it was hard for me to stay silent, esp knowing I had this broadened platform due to being recommended. My voice counted!
  5. The next morning, I awoke to the realization that I had been removed from the recommended list.
    The timing seemed, and tbh continues to seem, VERY fishy. So I posted a list. Bc I'm a petty lady, and that is my wont.
  6. I later found out that my friend @ijeoma had experienced a set of CURIOUSLY similar circumstances. She too was added to the rec list a week ago, listed about racism, and found out the next day she had been removed.
  7. This morning we got an email, much like @franksars did (and listed about earlier today) explaining that @ijeoma and I were not removed from rec bc of our race-themed lists but as a pre-planned swap of 10 users. The recommended list, we were told, is not a permanent appointment.
    If any of the other 10 recommended listers who got swapped are here, I am curious what your perspective is.
  8. Now, I appreciate the personal email. I appreciate the attempt at a conciliatory tone and explanation. And I don't necessarily disbelieve it. But try to see it from our perspective.
  9. We are two of the few woc on We each write concurrent lists about race, and each find ourselves removed from the rec the next day.
  10. BTW let me clarify again, many of the ppl still recommended are my friends. I do not think I deserve to be recommended more than they do, and I wouldn't even question my own removal at all if the circumstances didn't seem sooo questionable.
  11. I don't know who is curating the rec list, but if 2 of the 10 people you chose to swap are WOC, from a list (and an app) DOMINATED by white people, I question that decision. I question the choice to trend toward less diversity.
    And not just bc I am one of the woc in question. Although sure, for my own part, I'm a little bummed.
  12. I am especially skeptical when users who have been recommended for just one week are swapped before users who have been recommended for several weeks or even months.
    It seems clear that the decision to keep or drop someone from the rec list depends entirely on the preference of the person (or persons) curating the list.
  13. If being on the recommended list really is a question of someone's personal preference, I take leave to be skeptical of that someone's motives when two WOC are simultaneously removed after writing about racism. When other, perhaps more palatable white listers remain despite being featured longer.
  14. We need more transparency in this whole process. We need an above-board explanation of how/why people are selected to be recommended and how/why they are chosen to be circulated off. We need transparency in the demographics on list. We need greater awareness of diverse voices & less impulse to silence/ignore those we don't understand/disagree with
  15. And tbh before we have that, I will remain skeptical of this whole business.
  16. So yeah. I appreciate the explanation. But forgive me if I remain slightly salty and shady.
  17. In conclusion: walk in my shoes and tell me I'm wrong.
  18. @eatthelove I know you were also removed but I don't know the circumstances as well. Still, your experience also contributes to my skepticism. You are seen. You are loved.