1. Boggle > Beer pong
    I am always down for a hot little game of erudite wordplay. I am NOT down to have to prove my hand eye coordination throwing tennis balls into cups of cheap beer.
  2. Knitting > Watching True Detective
    I will knit until my fingers bleed before I'll watch that 10-episode pseudo-philosophical Lincoln town car commercial again.
  3. Being able to recite all the world capitals > listening to Drake
    I like Drake but Drake's dancing > Drake's acting > Drake's lyrics
  4. Scripps National Spelling Bee > Super Bowl
    I would rather watch brilliant, socially inept children spell ten thousand ridiculous words I've never heard of before than watch America's hulking athletic colossi give each other irreparable brain damage.
  5. Caring > Not caring
    A person who nerds out about their favorite things is so much sexier than a person who is apathetic about everything. Passion is attractive. Unless you're passionate about like. Being a racist misogynist.
  6. Wearing big glasses > being able to see
    Case in gd point
  7. Writing a letter > sending an email
    And I am guilty of emailing friends more than writing letters. That's one of my New Year's resolutions.
    Suggested by @rulesofjinx