1. I was just browsing through the book section in a hometown thrift store when I saw it.
  2. The worst book ever.
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  3. Women Who Make the World Worse
  4. ...and How Their Radical Feminist Assault is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military, and Sports
  5. Ah yes, the four greatest things in the world (read: America) - schools, families, the military (😐) and SPORTS (😑)
  6. Those damn radical feminists, ruining our schools by...attending schools.
  7. Ruining our families by...imagining women to be anything more than articulate wombs.
  8. Ruining our military by...serving alongside men in the military.
  9. And ruining our beloved sports by...also playing sports THOSE MONSTERS.
  10. With a glowing blurb by America's (read: the world's) number one pompous misogynist blowhard, Rush Limbaugh
  11. "Know your enemy" - aka women.
  12. The title of this book seems to be missing a comma amirite: Women, Who Make the World Worse
    A grammatical joke for all my erudite players lemme hear ya say YEAHHH
  13. Oh yeah, and this literary equivalent of a burning sack of dog turds? WAS WRITTEN BY A WOMAN