Haters to the left. If you like well-written diverse* charming heartfelt female-led comedies, The CW is where it's at. (*relative diversity - at least two of the main characters in each show are poc)
  1. Jane the Virgin
    Hilarious and innovative. Plays on the standard tropes of telenovelas but with a tongue-in-cheek self-awareness. Gina Rodriguez (Jane) is insanely cute. I dare you not to fall in love her. Jane's dad Rogelio steals the show, and that's saying something considering the whole cast may well have been designed in a lab to be overwhelmingly charming.
  2. iZombie
    A zombie police procedural about a doctor who gets turned into a zombie and eats brains of murder victims to help solve their murders. It is witty and fun and does a remarkably good job lightening the inherently-dark zombie genre with snarky villains and snarkier heroes.
  3. Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    I initially thought, based on the title of this show, that it would be cartoonishly offensive and antifeminist. It is the exact opposite. It is the kind of lighthearted musical comedy Glee promised to be, but it doesn't wallow in treacly melodrama. Crazy Ex is funny and thoughtful, with catchy songs that are pithy and socially-conscious.
  4. Conclusion: The CW is a Mecca for amazing feminist comedies.