A girl knows this is not a timely list, but a girl only just had this idea. // for the unitiated, this is a Game of Thrones list
  1. Ah. So a girl is finally ready to set aside her ego and give up the trappings of personal identity. Excellent. Time to begin.
  2. What's that? Ah. Ahem. Of course. A man apologizes. A man did not mean to infantilize a girl - sorry, a *woman*, a man is remiss. A man only called a woman "a girl" out of habit. A man meant no disrespect.
  3. Obviously a woman can see how frustrating the third person becomes after a while, though, right? It is easy for a man to fall back into familiar patterns of address in this training process. Perhaps a man and a woman could just agree that calling a woman "a girl" is just a ceremonial thing and does not reflect a man's opinion of a woman? No? Fine.
  4. A woman drives a hard bargain. This is good. A woman will need stubbornness to accomplish her goals.
  5. Okay, the first thing a woman needs to do is put on this burlap sack. Why burlap? Huh. A man is not sure. A man supposes the Many-Faced God is just being frugal. Nobody really ever explained the asceticism to a man. A man just sort of bought into it. Is that culty of a man? A man feels sheepish.
  6. Now that a woman has on the burlap, the next step to divesting herself of individuality is to bathe this faceless corpse. Please don't look at a man like that. It wasn't a man's idea. Not all mans, is a man right? Ha ha...ha...sorry. A man shouldn't joke in the presence of a body. A man is in poor taste. Humor is not a man's forte.
  7. Anywayyyy, here is some water and a cloth. In a little while another girl will come by to supervise and taunt a girl. A man means A WOMAN. Curses. Again, can a woman see how this system is confusing? A man really struggles. A man used to be named Greg. Sometimes a man misses being Greg...
  8. Please pardon a man. Forget he said anything. A man is just a man now. It's better that way. A man sometimes gets lost in his reverie.
  9. But if you happen to see a man trying on a bunch of faces in the bathroom later and crying at his reflection, please don't say anything, okay? A man is just practicing. A man loves his life now. After all, a man could be a thousand different Gregs. It's better. It's better.
  10. Still, if a woman needs another second to think over her choice one last time before she washes a faceless body, a man won't be mad. A woman might not like being just a woman. Especially a woman who has to spend her days washing bodies haha.
  11. So, what was a woman's name anyway? Virginia? Beautiful name. A woman looks like she could be a Virginia. Not a very common name, Virginia. Oh, it's a family name? Ah well. A woman definitely wouldn't be able to keep that if she stayed here. Not that she could anyway. Sorry. A man is rambling. A man swears he is never like this.
  12. Has anyone ever told a woman she has beautiful eyes? Sorry, a man knows he is being forward. But a man can't help himself! A man could get lost in those eyes. A man is not just talking about just any man, by the way. A man means a man himself.
  13. A man means Greg.
  14. OKAY a man should really go now. A man can hear that other mean girl coming. Don't tell her a man told a woman his name was Greg. A girl will probably try to kill a man ha ha.
  15. A man laughs but a man is not really joking. Seriously a woman should not tell her.
  16. Okay a man is leaving for real now. Try not to watch a man too closely as he walks away. Ha ha.
  17. Sorry. That was weird. A man pretty much only has that mean girl for company anymore. A man has forgotten how to talk to normal people. A woman must think a man is a real doofus.
  18. Alright. Well. Welcome aboard. A man is...glad a woman is here.