Requested by @biz
Thanks @biz for the request and the inspiration! -- this list could prob go on forever. Have I ever been comfortable?
  1. Networking
  2. Talking about money
  3. Making phone calls
  4. Deadlines
  5. Being cold
  6. Making simple mistakes
  7. Confrontation of almost any kind
  8. Walking in late
  9. Acknowledging my own prejudices and shortcomings
    A necessary but difficult sort of discomfort
  10. Asking for help/feeling obligated to people
  11. Going to a party/event where I don't know anyone and trying to join a circle of people who already know each other without them noticing I'm doing it
  12. When the underwire of your bra comes out and pokes you all day
  13. When people ask "So what's your story?"
  14. Being catcalled and leered at and aggressively hit on by men on the street/in passing cars/anywhere
  15. Seeing children internalize false notions about race, gender roles, beauty, etc. Seeing parents unconsciously perpetuate meaningless societal binaries. Considering the ways I too do both of those things.
  16. When a nice stranger starts talking to you at the train station and 5 minutes in they ask you if you're a Bible reader and try to get you to download a Jehovah's Witness app
  17. The idea of trying to balance my desire for my parents' approval against living my life
  18. Thinking about how my parents/many of my Mormon relatives/people I know and grew up with are proud of me and encourage my dreams to a point but would likely be disappointed and offended by some of the stories I want to tell as a writer and performer
  19. Etc etc etc
  20. Life is discomfort. I guess try to grow from it?