An autobiographical list circa 2001.
  1. Alright Lindsey. It's your first email address! No pressure, but this is a pretty huge deal.
  2. I mean, this could be your email address for your whole life! It MUST be cool.
  3. Okay, where to start where to start...
  4. Well obviously it should be something that describes me. I want people to know who they're emailing, duh.
  5. Maybe initials? LCT. Yes, that's a strong start.
  6. What else...what else about me...
  7. I'm smart?
  8. Ugh, no. Remember when you tried to name your computer profile "geniuskid" but you spelled it g-e-n-u-i-s, and Courtney made fun of you?? Don't make that mistake again.
  9. What else do I like? Books? Computer games?
  10. I can't put any of that in my email address though! What if I don't always like Rollercoaster Tycoon? I'm gonna use this forever. No, it should be more general.
  11. I guess... Hmm. I mean, I like to have a good time? That's pretty broad. I feel like I'll prob always enjoy having a good time.
  12. Yeah yeah that'll work. Then just add my gender at the end for good measure...
  13. Andddd done.
  14. lctgoodtimegirl
  15. Perfect.