No offense but Westworld does not seem all that fun for the ladies and minorities. The past generally isn't much of a playground for anyone but white men, but even so. Strutting around a dusty desert in heavy fabrics with a bunch of killer cowboys is not my idea of a holiday.
  1. Pre-Revolution Versailles world
    All the indulgence, none of the bloodshed
  2. Pre-European Contact Polynesia world
    A paradise without white missionaries
  3. 1920s New York City world
    Flap flap flapioca tap tap tapioca
  4. La Belle Époque Paris world
    I'm in it for the fashion. I'm in it for the flair. I'm in it for the food and the passion in the air.
  5. The Lost City of Atlantis world
    If I'm playing pretend I mean I want to PRETEND. Make me a mermaid.
  6. 18th Century Scotland world