Thanks @treezus for the request. A follow up to my other list about worst little brothers.
  1. Lady Edith Crawley
    For so much of this show Edith was just a big pitiful sad-sack who resented Mary for being beautiful and charming. Sorry but you don't get to act like you're an innocent victim when you sell out your sister's indiscretions and ruin her reputation and that of your entire family just for spite. Meanwhile all Mary did was prevent her from marrying an old bore. Edith was absolutely the villain of this show. I will write essays on this topic. Honestly, try me.
  2. Lydia Bennett
    The most determined flirt ever to make herself ridiculous.
  3. Kitty Bennett
    And Kitty will follow as she always does.
  4. Kaitlin Cooper
    Marissa Cooper's lil sis on The OC. Girl was trouble.
  5. Gracie (Graciebelle) Taylor
    Just a rough looking child. Imo the most unrealistic part of season 2 of Friday Night Lights was not Landry murdering a man but the idea that Coach and Tami could ever produce a child this unfortunate.
  6. Megan from Drake and Josh
    sorry this so doesn't match the elegance of the rest of this list but that little girl was the worst
    Suggested by @mirthnuts
  7. Sydney Braverman
    FUUUUUUCK I have never wanted to hit a child but I wanted to scream in her dumb face on Parenthood
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  8. Briony of Atonement
    My most hated character in fiction. RUINS her older sister's life and is so self-obsessed that she thinks she is a god. I could go on and on.
    Suggested by @paigeclaudette
  9. Dawn Summers
    One of those awful characters that disagrees with the lead just to fucking disagree. And then gets into mortal peril, and needs to be saved. So. Many. Times.
    Suggested by @maribot
  10. Amy from Little Women
    I am still furious she ended up with Laurie. And for burning Jo's writing. All around the worst
    Suggested by @edoublebubs
  11. Dora Winifred
    Okay maybe she was just a kid being a kid but she made me "Uggghhh" with her on point little sister antics.
    Suggested by @kbon
  12. Dani Dennison (Hocus Pocus)
    She literally screams when she doesn't get her way, and she tells her brother's crush that he "likes her yabbos."
    Suggested by @emrosemros
  13. Jenny Humphrey- Gossip Girl
    Jenny was the worst, she just whined and pouted and made stupid decisions in a never-ending quest to be popular. She basically ruined everything she came near and I was so glad when her character moved away somewhere (I don't even know where I was just so glad she was gone.)
    Suggested by @jess_may17