1. This fire started yesterday and has burned over 40,000 acres.
  2. It is 0% contained.
  3. Last night it was burning at over 2,000 acres per hour.
  4. Over 17,000 people have been evacuated.
  5. Up to 1,000 homes have been burned.
  6. Many families have been displaced, and many animals as well. People need places to stay and places for their animals to stay.
  7. The people in surrounding communities have responded immensely. @kelly went and bought stuff to donate today and the store gave her 50% off. The donations have come in so quickly that most shelters have said they do not need more food or provisions for people or animals.
  8. They need money donated to help these people pay a deposit and a first month's rent.
  9. Please consider donating to the Red Cross. Alternatively please look to donate to local animal shelters that will be housing many extra mouths for quite a while.
  10. The fire is still spreading to the east and west. It is over the Sonoma County line to the east of Alexander Valley. Less than 10 miles from many more houses and thousands of acres of vineyards and wineries.
  11. The fire is approaching Pope Valley and the northeastern communities of Napa Valley.
  12. These are rural, agrarian communities who are not rich in infrastructure or extra homes and rentals. Hundreds of families will be permanently displaced by this.
  13. The fire has damaged the geothermal powerplant in the Geysers east of Alexander Valley. Our tasting room is in Geyserville, to the west and across Alexander Valley. Probably about ten miles away. I highly doubt it will make it to the valley floor or cross it.
  14. If it does it will get much, much scarier for many of my family's friends, our vineyard partners, and my family as well.
  15. As scary as that is, this has already happened to hundreds of families.
  16. Please consider helping. If you like wine or agriculture or the North Coast region in general, please help Lake County residents.
  17. Edit: Just heard it is over 50,000 acres.
  18. Monday, September 14, 7:31 am Press Democrat update: 61,000 acres burned. 5% contained. Still pushing into Napa County and burning in Sonoma County at the Geysers. 1 fatality reported.