It's okay to say "bro", it's not okay to be a bro.
  1. bro
  2. brah
  3. breh
  4. bruh
    get creative and extend it into brumplestiltskin
  5. brhhe
    this is shorter then breh in duration and just sounds like a "br" straight into a brief, violent H sound
  6. brō
    this is bro one more time with feeling, as pronounced after or before the phrase "do you even lift" when used as an honest question or powerful pejorative.
  7. breeh
    long E sound, like breeze without the Z
  8. braaah
    way different than brah, this is usually used in conjunction with a pleading or dismissive encouragement ie "come on braaah", almost always carries a distinct musicality
  9. Hooooooo-brah
    Suggested by @aringrose