1. Graham Crackers and Milk
    Honey Maid only, original or cinnamon. broken into the intended four individual crackers but then stacked two high for dunking, occasionally 3 or 4 high because why not. the breaking of the crackers into the bowl was a ritual I completed before consuming any of the crackers. if any of them broke outside the intended perforations it was very disappointing.
  2. Banana
  3. Toast with jelly/jam
  4. Cinnamon Toast
    I spent years dialing in the sugar to cinnamon ratio
  5. Tuna Salad with bread or crackers
    tuna packed in water, Mayo, Relish
  6. Crackers and cheddar
  7. Bagels with cream cheese and avocado
    this was middle school
  8. two bottles of water and a Gatorade
    we had an hour between end of class and football practice in high school. the only way to survive was to drink 100+ oz of water during the day before practice, and some sugar and electrolytes right before