Ages 11-29. Judge me.
  1. Reel Big Fish, Turn the Radio Off
  2. Goldfinger, Self Titled
  3. Operation Ivy, Energy
  4. Rancid, ...And Out Come The Wolves
  5. Mac Dre, Dreganomics
  6. Ani DiFranco, Dilate; Living in Clip
  7. Gang Starr, Full Clip
  8. Biggie, Life After Death
  9. E-40, Grit & Grind
  10. Underoath, The Changing of Times
  11. All That Remains, This Darkened Heart
  12. Lil Wayne, Da Drought 3; Dedication; Dedication 2; Carter III
  13. Trivium, Ascendancy
  14. Less Than Jake, Pezcore
  15. Wale, The Mixtape About Nothing
  16. Pepper, Kona Town
  17. Yonder Mountain String Band, Elevation
  18. Saves The Day, Can't Slow Down; Through Being Cool; Stay What You Are
  19. Gatsby's American Dream, Ribbons and Sugar
  20. Z Trip and DJ P, Uneasy Listening Volume 1
  21. Propagandhi, Today's Empire's, Tomorrow's Ashes
  22. The Matches, E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals
  23. Grateful Dead, Workingman's Dead
  24. At All Cost, It's Time To Decide
  25. Killswitch Engage, Alive or Just Breathing
  26. Girl Talk, Night Ripper
  27. NOFX, So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes
  28. Offspring, Smash