Or dudettes, this is pretty gender neutral and if this means more girls carry badass knives I'm for it.
  1. V Necks
    J Crew, Target's in house brand, Hanes. I have this shit on lock. Don't doubt this. The Target ones shrink a little but come in good colors and are more like a 5 oz cotton than a 4 oz J Crew shirt.
  2. Carhartts/Dickies
    Carpenter pants. Double fronts for three seasons, single fronts for summer (or else in pants climate gets loco). Get light brown, green, gray. Black if you don't mind sweating. Clutch move: treat them like new denim and don't wash them for 10+ wears so they stretch well to your fit. Hot water soaks to tighten blocks that don't fit well. Hang dry. Wash rarely. Take them off when you get home and hang them up. I know it's gross to not wash work pants regularly, but they don't last otherwise.
  3. Belt
    Carhartt makes awesome, durable belts at $30.
  4. Water/rain boots.
    Xtra Tuffs. People will ask you how long you lived in Alaska. Don't offend them, just tell them you worked three seasons on the Bering. I'm not going to tell you which dry condition shoes/boots to buy because that shit is hella personal.
  5. Knife
    Kershaw Leek, Benchmade, or go full Leatherman
  6. Flashlight
    Icon lights, Maglite LED, or the cheap ones that use weird batteries you can get on eBay for $4. Those things are bomber.
  7. Underroos
    Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Hella cheap at Macy's in three packs. They last ~5+ years for me. They breath well in heat and don't chafe. Expensive alternate: Lululemon boxer briefs. Incredibly comfortable... like a Persian rug for your junk. Not durable at all though.
  8. Socks
    Smartwool for wool or wool blend. Incredibly expensive socks. Hashtag worth it. REI in house brand for synthetic.
  9. Jacket
    Carhartt Duck, lined or not. Simms Rogue hoody is my new go to. Super durable and warm and wearable to dinner without looking like you came from work. Also Patagonia NanoPuffs. Super warm, shed excess heat better than any other mid layer, incredibly durable for the weight.
  10. Post work sandals.
    Olukai. Don't fucks with anything else.
  11. LED headlamp
    Essential for working with your hands at night. Try Petzl - the Tikka 2 has good battery life.
    Suggested by @kelly