I'm inventing this term. A route changer is a place that you will stop at if it's <15 min detour from an existing travel route you're taking and you really love it. AKA places you stop at anytime you have a good excuse.
  1. Sol Food
    San Rafael (Puerto Rican)
  2. Breads of India
    A few locations, Berkeley is the best (Indian)
  3. Self Edge
    The Mission (fancy ass denim and men's wear)
  4. Johnny Donuts
    San Rafael (donuts)
  5. Dynamo Donuts
    Potrero Hill (also donuts)
  6. Chubby Noodle
    Marina (izakaya fusion)
  7. 99 Ranch (Asian super markets aka char sui bao heaven)
    any location
  8. Fremont Diner
    Schellville (Sonoma) ('Merican)
  9. Ray's
    Petaluma (most of the time I have to actively stay away from Ray's so I don't end up the size of a adolescent whale) (deli-ish)
  10. Toronado
    Lower Haight, (craft beer bar) (the first ever)