things on my mind occasionally
  1. chia
    seeds or pets. both are weird. if I wanted miniature gelatinous balls in my beverages, I don't know what I'd do because I would never ever want that.
  2. are nectarines 3 times better than peaches or 30 times better than peaches?
    hashtag nectarines are in season fool
  3. it's summer, what should I watch on Netflix that I probably haven't heard of?
    this is all you people's strong suit, enlighten por favor
  4. Dutch Bros Coffee
    if you don't know, now you know. incredibly charming drive thru coffee chain that values caffeination and smiles way more than genuine coffee quality, and you should be totally okay with that.
  5. Ray's Deli Fred's Chickabacon Sandwich
    IS there anything more delicious. the best part is the hearty layer of spinach instead of lettuce. also add jalapeño.
  6. kombucha
    just a quick FYI kombucha is perfectly good tea/juice being slowly converted to grossness by strains of yeast and bacteria that us winemakers by and large spend a lot of time time avoiding because they ruin wine. trash/treasure, etc, but this is still weird. it's literally rotting.
  7. if you (like me) play video games (like destiny) sometimes (maybe more than that) in PvP (where you play against other people), playing over Wifi as opposed to a hard line cable can cause you to not get kills as fast, even just that minor amount of difference in speed can change everything.
    crazy. anyways I switched to a cable today and now I get more kills wooooh. we should also talk about how the rage and frustration of getting my ass handed to me on repeat causes me to complain and get ragey like a hormonal 13 year old.
  8. why aren't weekends 3 days? this seems more in balance with a four day work week. your thoughts?
  9. red cherries or white cherries?
    don't be wrong.
  10. what is the maximum price you would pay at a farmer's market for an incredibly delicious bottle of craft brewed sriracha?
    asking for a friend. seriously.
  11. does anyone else think Gatorade was better out of glass bottles than plastic?