all of the cool kids are listing this
  1. Mini Golf
  2. Carpentry
    Nothing zens me out better than a table saw or a belt sander and getting my pants covered in sawdust after work and build something in the driveway while neighbors walk their dogs and the sun fades and the sky turns pinkish and the wood glue covers my fingertips and the mosquitos come out and I turn the handle of a bar clamp and pre drill and screw and watch as something very real comes together as it is supposed to and in this moment there is logic and structure and peace.
  3. Long drives to nowhere.
    In high school this meant "running a lap", which at home was 101 South to Fountain Grove, Calistoga Rd to 128 in Calistoga, 128 N to Geyserville and the home, or into Healdsburg for diner coffee and my favorite waitress. Visiting old friends in LA a lap meant Sunset east to Laurel Canyon, Mulholland back to Ventura, Topanga back over to PCH, PCH to 10, 10 to somewhere, anywhere fun.
  4. Disneyland
  5. Mallrats
    Breakfast shmreakfast. It's the second period and I'm only winning 12 to 2. Breakfasts come and go Renee, but Hartford, THE WHALE, they only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime.
  6. David Foster Wallace's A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again
  7. Eliot's The Waste Land
  8. Goldfinger, self titled or Saves the Day, Stay What You Are or Rancid,...And Out Come The Wolves
  9. Swinging flies for steelhead, especially in the cold or the rain, especially getting on the water before sunrise, most especially by yourself.
    There is a special beauty specifically in swinging for steelhead. A semi-futility that brings some sense of acceptance and wabi-sabi and calm and a way to feel the pulse of the greater order of things that we so successfully ignore.
  10. A milkshake. Origin not specific.
  11. A good video game sesh with friends.
    Lately running Crota in Destiny with Fatebringer and our normal group is just really fun and distracting.
  12. A good roller coaster.
    Not a shitty one. Preferably a B&M Floorless or Invert or a GCI or Gravity Group, late at night, with barely anybody else on the train. Quiet and wind and fast.
  13. Downtown Bakery Fruit Pocket
    Strawberry or Blackberry or Peach.
  14. Summer Smallmouth Fishing
    Wet wading with no underwear under board shorts, cool water up to my waist. Sunglasses on. Casting through the reflected sun light off the backside of Fitch Mountain. Putting a skate fly right under a branch. Exactly where a fish should be. Waiting. The wind fades and the water curls around my hip bone. Twitch on the fly, skate it. My shoulders are sunburned barely outside the tank top. A shadow follows my fly in the clear water. Turns away, then doubles back, the water explodes.
  15. Costco
    I need 85 of something,
  16. Making Grizzly Bear sounds.
    When I'm frustrated this lets it all get out.