don't be ashamed, all our friends are cooler than us. long press that title and get to work on yours
  1. lost his virginity to "Pour Some Sugar On Me".
    and I think he was born after that song came out.
  2. bailed on his real life and became a cruise ship photographer and has been to every single continent and like over a hundred countries
  3. has a Ducati Monster
    it's red. she just got it.
  4. worked at a bike shop for many years
    #livingthedream #shopdiscount
  5. born on the Big Island.
    @smern, and his family grows some coffee for fun. what an asshole.
  6. is an incredibly good finish carpenter
    like, $100k cabinet install good
  7. is in her residency as an ER doctor and finds the funniest things stuck in people's buttholes
    and I quote "I asked this one guy if he knew that they made toys for this exact purpose but wouldn't get stuck up there and his response was "I like to make my own."" I should get her on here to list about all the things.
  8. restored to perfect a poppy red 65 Mustang Fastback with his dad in high school
    @aringrose. if there was ever a car that could actually get you laid it is this car
  9. managed a fishing lodge on Turneffe Flats, Belize
    so jealous
  10. middle name is Cougar on his birth certificate, because his mom loved some Mellencamp
    it seems both totally unfair and totally obvious that this is the same person as "pour some sugar on me" fact.
  11. is an Ironman
    two of my friends. if I finished the bike leg alone I would consider that my greatest athletic accomplishment.
  12. quit his job as a lawyer and fly fished Colorado until he ran out of money
    only downside was moving back in with parents temporarily
  13. works for Disney and took a picture playing the player-less piano in Haunted Mansion
    and one with the Red Head
  14. writes about beer for a living
    seriously what a dick.
  15. works on Bad Robot things
    @JaceyTH, probably for the best because JJ would get real sick of the high fives and or torn ligaments. every day I would be like "dude, remember in Cloverfield when..." and he'd be like shut up.
  16. can play and teach 10+ different musical instruments.
    I married her. nice being the less talented person in a relationship. no pressure.