1. anthocyanins
    flavonoids that cause pigmentation of red/blue/purple
  2. desoilant
    almost always a very high pH/caustic solution we use to get equipment free of debris. desoilants don't sanitize, they remove the stuff stuck on stuff. pH 12-13. gnarly. basically drano. we use a product called 231 xtra which is a combination of peroxi percarb and caustic soda (I think, been a while).
  3. 2,4,6-trichloroanisole
    the compound that causes cork taint. mold metabolic byproduct that has an incredibly low sensory threshold. to put it in context, many taint compounds like those listed below start to be noticeable to average palates at 150ish parts per million. 246TCA has a sensory threshold of 1-3 parts per TRILLION. let that shit sink in. a few ounces of pure TCA could ruin every bottle, tank, and barrel of wine in the USA right now. fuck that shit.
  4. acidulate
    to add acid to, in our case always tartaric, the naturally occurring acid in grape juice. cheaper white wine might get citric on occasion at big wineries. occasionally all places might tune their malic or lactic but I've literally never done it.
  5. ellagitannin
    non-flavonoid phenolics not grape derived, typically from barrels. hydrolyzable in acidic conditions and the breakdown products have beneficial stability effects and phenolic interactions.
  6. lignification
    the degree to which the stems of grape clusters are soft,b breakable and detach easily from the berry, a sign of physical maturity in the berry. lignification means turn to wood and the stems evolve from flexible and green to more brittle and brown as the grapes mature.
  7. O2 pick up
    how much O2 is getting picked up in the bottling process
  8. variable speed flexible impeller pump
    it's the category of pump I like mostt
  9. taint
    things that make wine smell, taste, or feel wrong. yes, there are textural ones that ARE SUPER SUPER GROSS. like "ropiness", the grossest thing ever. luckily that shit hasn't happened to me.
  10. 4-ethylphenol
    main culprit of Brettanomyces and the compound that can make wine smell like barnyard/old band aids (the really weird medicinal smelling ones).
  11. 4-ethylguiacol
    also caused by Brettanomyces, can smell like bacon (in a kind of unpleasant way), road tar, asphalt, barbecue potato chips