1. I do not pretend to understand the moral universe;
  2. the arc is a long one,
  3. my eye reaches but little ways;
  4. I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by the experience of sight;
  5. I can divine it by conscience.
  6. And from what I see I am sure it bends towards justice.
  7. - Theodore Parker
  8. .
    [as a white dude in California I fully realize that I am the least at risk of any of you, and I do not mean to minimize or diminish the justification of your fears today. this is a quotation i think of often, though usually MLK Jr's paraphrase of it. but the full original version speaks for me well when it says "I can divine it by conscience." I take solace in this because in my gut I feel this way, that justice will prevail, and I hope that this might give you some solace today as well...
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    ...I don't know you, but I love you for being a magic, irregular, jagged piece of vibrant tile in this mosaic. we need you and couldn't be whole without you.]
  10. ..
    {and even if you voted for this brokenness out of relatively pure motives, I love you just as much, but I'm disappointed that you are willing to sacrifice the safety and comfort of others to send a short lived political message.}
  11. ...
    (but if you did this out of revenge, or glee, or spite, or joy, or racism, sexism, nativism, or any other American History X shit, you should know that the elitism and condescension you feel towards others could not possibly compare with the miniature stature you hold in the never-broken gaze of goodness. I hope you got your rocks off because whatever moral arbiter you answer to thinks you're a real dick right now. fix your karma, you just shit yourself all over it.)
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    [but back to you. if there is something i can do to take a turn carrying some of your burden, i've got strong shoulders, though they don't have as much practice as yours, and I'm down for whatever. need a hug? cool. wanna fight this culture war for good? I got your camo face paint right here. let's hold these people accountable. i'm not afraid of chiseling out and replacing a few cracked tiles with more like you.]