1. first of all we crushed our last fruit of the year today. that's stupid. we should be crushing until October 20 at least.
  2. we've been insanely crazy busy. crazy busy is normal. but we went from a couple lots in to everything in in the past three weeks. some long days. it's 8:17 pm and we're not done for today yet.
  3. Iceman: filled it today with Zin for our dessert wine. top secret project
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  4. Hollywood: 5 tons of high altitude Syrah from Dry Creek. one of may favorite wines to make. almost done fermenting.
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  5. Wolfman: Pressed our neighbor winery's Merlot that was in here on Tuesday. #valvesopenman
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  6. Goose: Pressed our Dry Creek Merlot out of this tank yesterday. Beauty shit. #doorsopenman
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  7. Maverick: Getting pumped over right now. Alexander Valley Merlot. 16 tons.
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  8. Jester: Settling the Merlot we pressed yesterday. It's our biggest tank.
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  9. Sundown: 1/3 filled today with a wacky field blend that's an even wackier version of a blend we make called Archaic. The chiller on blast and tank is sweating condensation.
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  10. Cougar: Petite Sirah. Almost dry. Smelling awesome.
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  11. Slider: Cab Franc. This vineyard is so money. We just released our first varietal Cab Franc (the 2012) since 2005 from this vineyard and it's a hot piece of action.
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  12. Merlin: Dry Creek Cab. Really special vineyard from old family friends. A vineyard we started making in 1990, then lost out on for a while. First year since 1997 that we've got it again. Amped.
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  13. 5 T Bins: Russian River Syrah. This vineyard gets me hard.
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  14. 4 T Bins: Dry Creek Grenache. Love this vineyard. Throws crop down like you would not believe. And quality is great. We also made two other wines from this vineyard...
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  15. IBC 1: Zin Gre. Vin Gris of Zin and Grenache. Not even fair how good of an idea this was. Credit to Asst Winemaker.
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  16. IBC 2: Sparkle G. Top secret status. That color though.
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  17. 3 T Bins: More DCV Cab.
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  18. That last-fruit-in-the-winery face.
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