1. A few things:
  2. Can we get a Greek Beta letter where the verified check mark is so that after this thing goes public we can still tell who the OGs are?
    This is really just a way of me saying that the small closed beta was awesome and I hope the open mindedness and eager interaction won't change.
  3. I am apologizing in advance for all the offensive and inappropriate lists that will be getting flagged and how your life (or your teammates/employees) will change to spam removal and ban hammering once this goes pub.
  4. I'm going to ask the question today that is going to get asked rhetorically by a million people next week: "BUT HOW WILL THEY MONETIZE?!"
    It's okay if you hate me now I just wanted to start the trend.
  5. I've got $20 lying around.
    Can I get in on the A round?
  6. But seriously: This was awesome. I am optimistic it stays awesome. That said, congrats to you and @bjnovak and everyone else involved. I'm glad I got to watch this evolve. It was genuinely fascinating.
  7. Also I'm not sure if @ mentions work in titles so if they don't then good luck finding this list!