1. Double Double, Animal, Chopped Chiles
  2. Stepping into a hot tub
  3. Yard work then lemonade so cold the condensation is beading off the glass
  4. When your shampoo at the hairdresser veers into a brief neck massage
  5. A new v neck that's a good color
  6. <insert your favorite chicken [or dietary alternative] soup here>
  7. Signing your name on a form and it stays within the lines of the box without cramping your signature style
  8. That list goes Trending
  9. Ben & Jerry's Half Baked
  10. Your trifolded piece of paper fit in the envelope
  11. Your favorite ice cold water fountain
  12. When you tear something that is perforated and it tears off perfectly
  13. Diner coffee after midnight
  14. A power nap on your couch on a Sunday afternoon while your baseball team closes out a game they're leading by 6
  15. Char siu bao slash your favorite dim sum
  16. Thanksgiving dinner
  17. The cold side of the pillow