he was a good father, a good angler, and a heck of a good friend.
  1. when he swung this monster last April. the last steelhead he caught. happened to be the fish of a lifetime, 25 lb.
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  2. Nate, the guide with him in this photo, had just finished telling us before George hooked this fish, how often clients called him the wrong name. I took this photo right as George said "Thanks Andy".
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  3. standing in a cold river with his friend Tommy, who he fished with for over twenty years.
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  4. teaching me how to fish in the rain with a smile.
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  5. trying to convince me that Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supremes were good.
  6. making fun of my man bun.
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  7. I miss him already.
  8. fuck cancer.