1. Crossfitters
    See next item. Usually same person.
  2. Paleo Dieters
    See previous item. Usually same person.
  3. Solopsists
    Which is pretty ironic when you think about it.
  4. PC Master Race
    I don't care about your video card. Really.
  5. Anti Craft Beer people.
    They want you to know that they are a member of the elite few who think you're an elitist.
  6. Really obsessive Craft Beer people.
    They usually have t shirts that tell you.
  7. Birders
    Audubon Society shit errywhere.
  8. Roller Coaster Enthusiasts
    God forbid you mention you like a crapoy ride in front of them (sorry everybody from high school, I promise I'm reformed, but really that ride does suck I can't believe you like it you pleeb)
  9. People who were super into Breaking Bad.
    They really need to talk about Breaking Bad.
  10. People who watched Breaking Bad on DVR the day after it aired.
    It is everybody else's responsibility to not post spoilers until they have made time to watch it. See also: Solopsism.
  11. People who have cute dogs.
  12. People who hate dogs and looove cats.
    Cats will eat you twenty minutes after you're dead.
  13. Rowers
    Nobody cares how early you got up this morning.
  14. Dr Who fans.
    I've never seen the show and I know the plot to at least five episodes.
  15. College kids who remember the specific quantity of drinks they had last night (as long as that number is n+1 their BFF's).
  16. Really really religious people.
  17. Militantly anti-religious people.
  18. People who think Keurigs/K Cups are the devil.
    To be fair they're not wrong.
  19. Vegans
    Suggested by @jennikonner