went with friends to the Lost Sierra to ride a 100 mile gravel race. it was great.
  1. when you're pumped your friend has twins and thus bought a minivan
  2. Mike built a fire at camp
  3. Donny last minute tuning
  4. used the Dutch Oven to make dinner
  5. dinner
  6. hydrate or die
  7. we lined up at the back because we planned on being there anyways 😏
  8. let's rip!
  9. Mike at aid station 2, where the medical team told him that the laceration from his crash was probably deep enough for stitches and that we should drop from the 100 mile to the 60 mile route. we celebrated with a beer. i got a full view of his crash riding behind him at 20 mph and said out loud "collarbone!" he's lucky he didn't break it.
  10. about 30 miles of dirt
  11. before leaving aid station 2
  12. aid station 3, where there was bourbon and bacon
  13. dirt make up after finishing
  14. Donny's
  15. Mike's
  16. those shoes were black once and the socks are neon
  17. the medical team at the finish looked at Mike's leg and told him he could skip stitches. as hey cleaned him up, i almost passed out (forgot to fill my bottles and rode the last 20 on only about 1 bottle). the medical team insisted they check me out (i was fine), but it all made for a dramatic ending. so we jumped in the lake to rinse off.
  18. priorities
  19. was an epic trip. can't wait to nab that 100 next year. 😎