vaguely uncomfortable with the narcissism this required. but what is the internet for if not narcissism.
  1. crush grape
  2. fly fish
  3. especially steelhead
    I'm on the board of the Russian River Wild Steelhead Society. I'm a huge supporter of anadromous fish protection and restoration. steelhead are one of nature's most poetic creations.
  4. man bun
    don't judge me
  5. passionate
    I'm not good at being casual about anything I care about. at all. it can be a problem.
  6. loud
  7. love creating/building/making stuff
    I like to write but don't make time for it. so instead I tie flies and design t shirts and get really wacky with wine labels.
  8. I'm disproportionately into sunglasses and bro tanks
    I'm going to need you to resume not judging me. baby isn't mine, just borrowed.
  9. a good friend (kind of)
    because I still can't resist posting pictures of my best friend getting drilled by a dodgeball on the internet. ( @smern )
  10. a loving husband
    you'll have to trust me on this one
  11. bonus 11th: my dog is my homey, my coworker, and the fluffiest damn thing.