vaguely uncomfortable with the narcissism this required. but what is the internet for if not narcissism.
  1. crush grape
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  2. fly fish
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  3. especially steelhead
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    I'm on the board of the Russian River Wild Steelhead Society. I'm a huge supporter of anadromous fish protection and restoration. steelhead are one of nature's most poetic creations.
  4. man bun
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    don't judge me
  5. passionate
    I'm not good at being casual about anything I care about. at all. it can be a problem.
  6. loud
  7. love creating/building/making stuff
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    I like to write but don't make time for it. so instead I tie flies and design t shirts and get really wacky with wine labels.
  8. I'm disproportionately into sunglasses and bro tanks
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    I'm going to need you to resume not judging me. baby isn't mine, just borrowed.
  9. a good friend (kind of)
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    because I still can't resist posting pictures of my best friend getting drilled by a dodgeball on the internet. ( @smern )
  10. a loving husband
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    you'll have to trust me on this one
  11. bonus 11th: my dog is my homey, my coworker, and the fluffiest damn thing.
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