Oddly none are barista related.
  1. Loukiss
    Like what. The best part was she was my freshman year next door neighbor and our names were on giant decorative signs the RAs made. I really appreciate the sort of romantic bent it creates though. Like I'm a Casanova or something.
  2. Lukass
    It's not Luke with ass on the end, accurate though it may be.
  3. Lukas
    This is logical, people know how Luke is spelled so they connect the dots. This is also a valid Greek spelling, so no hate.
  4. Lucus
    This one is just weird. It's like the person went with the sound it out method and thought the second syllable was a trap, so they were like "I bet this tricky name spells itself with TWO Us." It doesn't.
  5. Luckas
    Take a risk in your life and pick one consonant. But if you try and do both you're always going to be wrong.
  6. Mucas Leeker.
    Suggested by @aringrose