This is me reveling in my lack of sophisticated movie taste.
  1. Mallrats
    Go ahead and judge me. I love this movie.
  2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    But literally never forgetting Mila Kunis.
  3. Billy Madison
    See above re: judging.
  4. Chasing Amy
    The swing set scene. And Silent Bob's diner story.
  5. Super Troopers
    This is a combination of loving this movie and alumni loyalty.
  6. Happy Gilmore
  7. Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift
    I'm so offended by this movie but I just can't stop.
  8. Road Trip
    The stepping scene might be the greatest thing ever filmed.
  9. Euro Trip
    Scotty doesn't know/ that Fiona and me/do it in my van every Sunday/he thinks that she's at church/ but she's really with me/ down on her knees/ Scotty doesn't know