enthusiastically stolen from and thievery endorsed by @lenadunham
  1. water slides
    big ones. indoor. free lockers and affordable priced bathing suits.
  2. In N Out
  3. Flying Goat Coffee
    hipster cred
  4. a tortilla factory
    fresh tortillas breh
  5. Self Edge
    so I can get some fresh water slide fades on a new pair of raw denim.
  6. a miniature golf course
    if you know my lists you knew this was coming
  7. Chubby Noodle
    Korean pork tacos and spicy garlic noodles
  8. a fly shop
    Waters West specifically would be nice. or Deschutes Angler
  9. a rad independent board game store
  10. a legit Jewish deli/bagel producing facility
  11. a napping center
    tired from all those water slides and pastrami
  12. enough air hockey tables that they're not all taken
  13. Toronado
    the first craft beer bar
  14. more water slides
    are there really ever enough water slides
  15. postscript: how do you think your bags get delivered at the baggage claim?
    if you answered "what?" you're just missing "er slides".