Inspired by @sophia
  1. Taqueria Guadalajara
    if you don't know, that sucks for you
  2. Chubby Noodle
    hella fratty SF must eat
  3. Downtown Bakery
    I could list all about this place
  4. Ike's Place
    that Jamie Sirewich
  5. Flying Goat Coffee
  6. Jamba Juice
    Strawberry Surfrider I just can't quit you
  7. Waterslides
  8. Ranch 99
    my chive blossom connection
  9. An independent bicycle shop
    with excellent brands: BMC, Santa Cruz, Cervelo, Transition
  10. Waters West Fly Shop
    best feathers in the country
  11. In N Out
    blood runs deep, #loyaltomysoil
  12. Self Edge
  13. one of those places that sells massage chairs that's actually a place for you to just "try out" massage chairs for like an hour
  14. I reserve the right to add to this list.
  15. The Jelly Donut
  16. Lazer Tag