IE the shows I think are great looking back on them, regardless of if I liked or disliked them during the same period of my life in which I ate Gushers.
  1. Saved By The Bell
    I fell back in love with this show freshman year of college, when it was on back to back at noon and 12:30 on dorm TV channel 26. So many things about this show still make me so happy. Very few shows have ever been so self-aware of the relationship between teenager and tv show made for teenagers. There's actually a pretty dark nihilism about the teenage condition if you can get past all the neon and acid washed denim. Also I'm addicted to caffeine pills. Also Kelly Kapowski 💘💜💚💛💥🔥💯.
  2. Murder She Wrote
    2 things: 1. My mom watched this show all the freakin time so I did too. She borderline used it as a critical thinking teaching tool for me. If nothing else, it reminds me of spending time as a kid with her. 2. Angela Lansbury's character is the most delightful combination of gangster af and saccharine old woman charm.
  3. Legends of the Hidden Temple
    There is NOTHING like the sheer terror in a kid's face when that Temple Guard comes flying out of nowhere. Also, the test for voting rights in this country should be whether or not you're capable of assembling the shrine of the silver monkey in two or less attempts. I've listed about this. Lastly, it's a really good lesson in how shitty western Imperialistic values and otherness still slyly infect and inform how we taught (and still teach) our values.
  4. Doug
    This show (the original Nickelodeon version) was pretty well written and smart and directly addressed the nature of how identity is shaped in childhood and adolescence. It did a really good job of addressing the nature of how kids envision an ideal version of their situation in contrast with their reality.
    Just try and tell me you didn't want to carry a giant mug of colored water on a roller coaster to see how much you could prevent from spilling. I still want to be on that show.
  6. X Files
    Is it weird that I was less scared by this show as a ten year old than I am now?
  7. Daria
    Just excellent. Not really a childhood candidate but I had to include it.
  8. Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    This show probably taught a ton of white kids like me more about racism and socioeconomics than their K-8 educations combined (that's a dig at the educations not a coronation of the show). It wasn't hard hitting, but the show literally revolves around classism and identity politics. Pretty much every episode pivots on identity politics. That was good for a lot of us to see growing up then. Also the Carlton dance.
  9. Boy Meets World
    This show, while being overtly message oriented, managed to be incredibly relatable and a pretty decent depiction of the way life can be complicated while values can stay simple. Unfortunately, Girl Meets World came along and totally destroyed it. Tangent: Girl Meets World is a seriously excellent show for kids and adolescents (...and, uh, adults). The care, creativity, contemporary thinking, and charm with which it is assembled is really, deeply good.
  10. Full House
    This is so predictable that I'm almost ashamed.