@list wants to know.
  1. 826 Valencia
    I believe in creative outlets as a tool to help kids find themselves, their future, and peace. 826 Valencia teaches writing classes to children and young adults in San Francisco. Their other branches might be in a city near you. @826LA is their LA location.
  2. California Trout
    Cal Trout is a fishery and conservation advocacy group that makes massive contributions to the preservation and restoration of our rivers and streams state wide. They have assisted in protecting some of California's most important rivers like the Smith and the Klamath. Moreover, they spearhead massive, multimillion dollar habitat restoration projects to help rivers and ecosystems recover from overuse and human caused degradation.
  3. Give Kids The World
    This foundation provides cost free trips to Disney World and the other Orlando area attractions for kids with life threatening illnesses and their families. More than 90% of their budget is spent on the services they provide. I love visiting Disney Parks and love a charity that can bring this joy to children who would otherwise not get to experience it.
  4. Trout Unlimited
    Largely similar to Cal Trout but nation wide. Trout Unlimited is one of a few conservation organizations that actually makes a massive difference in the restoration of major rivers through restoration projects like dam removal, legislative lobbying, and outreach. They have been incredibly important in the protection of near-extinct species.
  5. Glide Memorial Church
    I generally don't donate to religious organizations, but Glide is one of the largest feeders of the hungry in San Francisco, and their ethos is all-inclusive and loving. They are one of the most important non profits in the city.
  6. Redwood Empire Food Bank
    An important service for a still-largely rural Sonoma County. They feed those in need locally. 96.6% of donations go to food and REFB serves 82,000 people every month.