1. Balloons
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  2. The Magic Kingdom
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  3. Gaston's Tavern
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  4. Polynesian Resort
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  5. Epcot
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  6. Waiting for the monorail.
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  7. Riding Test Track.
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  8. Drinking Margaritas.
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  9. In front of the family wearing matching homemade 101 Dalmations shirt costumes.
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  10. Feeling the tequila in America.
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  11. Went back to Mexico for more Tequila.
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  12. Rode the boat ride.
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  13. Went to Trader Sam's.
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  14. Back to Magic Kingdom.
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  15. Fireworks
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  16. Space Mountain
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  17. Not a selfie, riding Space Mountain.
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  18. Thunder Mountain
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  19. So magical.
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  20. I had a really fun day.