1. Yes, I can send you that email. I'll forward the one I sent you yesterday.
  2. Oh good, a phone book on my front door step that I didn't ask for. Cool, my recycling bin was feeling kind of empty.
  3. Ordered Chipotle online to avoid waiting in dinner rush, set pick up time for 25 minutes later. arrive and walk to counter... "Lucas? We don't have an order for Lucas..." *she checks the ticket printer* "...oh... we'll make it right away!"
  4. Roll of toilet paper dies. Wife not home. Basket empty. Costco pack downstairs, in garage. Origami.
  5. 📞"This is Rachel with Card Member Services"
  6. Yes, I can confirm the vintages of the wines on this PO. The current vintage of the Merlot is 2012, your POs have listed 2010 for two years since sold out. Oh, you'll change it next time. Good plan.
  7. Awesome, the fitted sheet slid off the mattress. I like the challenge of finding a way to keep it on there!
  8. "Is Pepsi okay?" I wouldn't call it that.