Open list
  1. Finishing the last roll of toilet paper in arms reach of the toilet and not getting more from wherever more is stashed or letting your living companions/coworkers know that you're out.
  2. Eating other people's bag/box fries.
    You know, the loose fries in the bottom of their In N Out bag/box? Those are not your fries bro. If your fries were in the same bag then you have to share the bag fries.
  3. Parking in a heavily trafficked loading zone.
    You're not special, kumquat.
  4. 70% of what people do in airports.
  5. Dog-earring pages of a borrowed book.
  6. Washington State Hard Alcohol taxes.
    They're like 20%. Shit's bonkers.
  7. Having 16 items in the Express Lane.
    You're not the fucking exception bro.
  8. Putting your airplane trash under your seat (aka on the feet of the person sitting behind you).
    Seriously bro? (this happened)
  9. Waiting in line forever and then getting to the order counter and not knowing what you want while making a big show of how you don't know what you want to order while a line of people stares at you.
    It's a sandwich not a tattoo bro.
  10. Taking unreasonable amounts of guacamole on each chip.
    Don't think people don't see that bro. Stop guac-hogging.
  11. Speeding in the "Lane Ends, Merge Left" lane until the absolute last second when there's crazy traffic.
    Nobody wants to be in this traffic. C'mon bro.
    Suggested by @sally
  12. Slowly and methodically picking out individual "best" pieces out of the salad bar.
    There's a social code here folks. We ALL take the good and the mediocre at the salad bar. Don't be that person only leaving the bad stuff for everyone.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  13. Not scooping your dog's poop
    C'mon bro, we all share this dog park.
    Suggested by @kelly