1. drinking coffee out of a handmade mug
  2. conditioner with menthol and tea tree
    it's like my scalp is skiing naked through a field of mint and icy rain
  3. sliding my right arm under my wife's pillow when I go to sleep
    and how she adjust her head into it
  4. Johnny Doughnuts
    or in NYC: Dough Loco
  5. finishing a fly that I'm happy with
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  6. completely broken in duck or denim pants
  7. Steph Curry pulling up at 31' and draining it
  8. Chubby Noodle in the Marina
    even if it's fratty as shit
  9. the post breakfast nap when camping
  10. driving in a warm car in gray rain
  11. releasing a wild steelhead
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  12. re-reading a poem you know very well
  13. when Costco starts carrying your deodorant