is it weird these are mostly food? when I'm in town nowadays I don't really go to the west side or any of these areas, so I've missed out.
  1. Rip City Skates
    Was talking about one of my favorite childhood memories today: building a sweet Tony Hawk board (back when skateboards had single tails) at Rip City circa age 4 or 5.
  2. Reddi Chick
    Fuck I could so eat some Reddi Chick right now.
  3. La Brea Tar Pits
    that Sabretooth though
  4. Pink's
    Vivid memories of Pink's after mid-late 90s punk shows at the Palladium like the Dude Ranch release concert (where the Aquabats opened for Blink and Travis Barker was still in the Aquabats).
  5. Charlie's Chili
    Dude, hang your Paipo on your cruiser and jam down to the pier for some pancakes. So glad I had a friend with a Balboa house.
  6. Sherman Oaks Castle Park
    So many memories of sucking at mini golf. Now I'm okay. But as a kid it was a disaster.
  7. Hamburger Hamlet
    La Brea was the best. I was okay with Westwood in a pinch. San Vicente didn't feel special at all.
  8. Dutton's (RIP, thanks @kelly)
    Oh my god this place was my hell, but also great. Everyone in my family except for me are big readers (well me under the age of 15, I ended up a reader). I can't tell you how many hours I spent running around Dutton's looking for ANYTHING TO DO. Especially when my mom worked there for fun and @kelly worked there for seasonal gift wrapping.
  9. Wild Rivers (RIP)
    The Edge and the Ledge. So many good memories here.
  10. Chicago Ribs
    I have no idea if this place was actually even good or if they are still in business but goddamn those waffle fries.
  11. CPK on San Vicente
    only this location. I hope it's still covered in Subway tile and totally magic
  12. Benita's Frites (RIP)
    best fries ever