the places where I would prefer not to return because of previous events. am I the only one who holds on to deeply ingrained shame for my own poor behavior from many years ago that most people (including those involved) have long forgotten? it's not just me, right? shit.
  1. a community center in deep palisades where I was 14 and for 3 hours a really grade A inconsiderate buttsnorkel to a really nice girl who deserved nice behavior.
    grade A, no joke I hid behind couch cushions because I was so intimidated by the concept of her liking me.
  2. hole 12 at Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf in Orlando, FL
    this is the Titanic of shame for me. deserving of a list I probably do not have the cojones to post. plus it's incredibly gross.
  3. about 5/7 of my middle school's campus
    there is only one other person on listapp who witnessed any of these incredibly embarrassing years of my life I'm guessing (hoping?) any specific memories of me were lost long long ago.
  4. about 1/3 of my high school campus
    this is probably pretty normal
  5. Riverway Ranch Camp
  6. The NBL BMX track in Evanston, Indiana
    the injuries were minor
  7. a Starbucks in Burlingame
    regressed to buttsnorkel status at age 16
  8. Disney's Port Orleans Resort, Riverside
    the same week as Hole 12 incident. I was on a shame roll.
  9. Sheikh Shoes, Santa Rosa Plaza
  10. the soccer field at Woodbury University off the 118
    fuck I hate this one