I'm fulfilling a stereotype on Instagram every day.
  1. the press run
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  2. the vineyard check
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  3. the tank dig
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  4. the bin dump
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  5. the pump hero shot
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  6. the artsy stainless steel equipment portrait
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  7. the pumpover
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  8. the dry ice add with an intern
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  9. the winery dog
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  10. the t bin
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  11. the grape close up
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  12. the other grape close up
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  13. the more different grape close up
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  14. the high flow blur
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  15. the other vineyard check
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  16. the many t bins
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  17. the barrel down
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  18. the hyper purple tartaric build up
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  19. the pretending to be excited about white grapes
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  20. the control panel
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  21. the proud
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